Sunflower Seeds

Shelled Sunflower Seeds  50#

Giant Roasted Salted Sunflower Seeds (in shell)  15#

Giant Roasted (no salt) Sunflower Seeds (in shell)  15#

Roasted Salted Shelled Sunflower Seeds  15#

Roasted (no salt) Shelled Sunflower Seeds  15#

An American original, native to North America, Sunflower Seeds were an important high-energy food source for American Indians.  Carried to Europe by Spanish explorers, Russian agronomics were responsible for the first agricultural hybrids.  For commercial purposes, sunflower seeds are classified by the pattern on their shells.  Solid black shells, known as Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, are pressed for their oil.  Striped patterned shells, Confectionery Seeds, Primarily used for consumption.  In-shell sunflower seeds are most commonly roasted then salted or flavored and eaten as a snack.  Hulled kernels, sold raw or roasted, are commonly used in baking breads or for salad toppings.  Sunflower Seeds are grade according to size with the largest size going to the in-shell market, medium sized are hulled for the kernel market and the smallest size going to the bird and pet food market.

Giant Sunflower Seeds
Shelled Sunflower Seeds

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