Soybeans, Peas & Wasabi

Salted Chickpeas
Soybean Halves
Vegetable Chips
Wasabi Explosion

 We carry an assortment of Soybean products, Peas and Veggie products.  Our Soybean Halves are roasted without salt or as a 4 color wasabi mix.  Our Green Peas come Fried without salt or with a crunchy wasabi coating.  Our Chickpeas are roasted and salted.  We have a medley of Vegetable Chips or an intense mixture of wasabi covered items.  

Soybean Halves (roasted only)  50#

Wasabi 4 Color Soybeans  22#

Fried Green Peas  22#

Wasabi Peas  22#

Salted Chick Peas  22#

Vegetable Chips  18#

Wasabi Explosion Mix  22#

Wasabi 4 Color Soybeans
Wasabi Peas
Fried Green Peas

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