Sesame Seeds

Hulled Sesame Seeds  50#

Natural Sesame Seeds  50#

It is believed that the sesame seed originated in India but with its rich history it is dated back to ancient Egypt.  With a vast root system, sesame plants can thrive in dryer weather conditions.  Sesame seeds have one the highest oil contents of any seed and is one of the oldest oil-seed crop.  With its rich, nutty flavor, it is a common ingredient in cuisines around the world.  They are popular as toppings for baked goods such as bagels and hamburger buns and are commonly used on sushi.  Sesame oil is widely used for cooking in Asian cuisines.  The worlds sesame seed production is led by India and mainland China.  The white and lighter sesame seeds are common in Europe, the Americas, western Asia and southern India where the black and darker sesame seeds are mostly produced in China and southeast Asia.  Hulled seeds are white with no skin and Natural seeds are light brown with the skin left on.  

Hulled Sesame Seeds
Natural Sesame Seeds

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