Raisins & Currants

Thompson Seedless Raisins  30#

Chilean Jumbo Flame Raisins  30#

Golden Seedless Raisins  30#

California Zante Currants  30#

Carob Raisins  25#

Yogurt Raisins  25#

Being the product of dried grapes gives raisins the versatility to be produced in many regions throughout the world.  Varieties of Raisins are determined by the type of grape being used and come in different sizes and colors.  Seedless varieties include Sultana (known in the US as the Thompson Seedless), the Greek Currant (black Corinthian raisins) and Flame Grapes.  Zante Currants (or Black Corinth) are miniature raisins with a much darker look and have a tart, tangy flavor making them ideal for Jams, mixes and salads.  Known as the three-way grape, Thompson's are use as a table grape, raisins and wine making it a popular grape in California. 

Thompson Seedless
Chilean Jumbo Flame
Golden Seedless
Zante Currant
Carob Coated
Yogurt Coated

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