Peanut Butter

Our Peanut Butter is roasted, ground and packaged in house and fresh to order.  We start with raw #1 Runner Peanuts (we call this "Peanut Butter Stock" after they are roasted), then we dry roast them without salt, then we grind them up fresh and add any salt, stabilizer or granulated peanuts to your liking.  




Smooth, Salted and Stabilized  

Smooth and Salted

Smooth and Stabilized

Smooth Unsalted

Dark Smooth, Salted and Stabilized

Dark Smooth Unsalted

Dark Smooth and Stabilized

Chunky Unsalted

Chunky Salted

Chunky Stabilized

Peanut Butter Sizes

4/3# Jars

28# Tub

55 Gal Drum

Peanut Butter

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