Dehydrated Papaya Spears  44#

Dehydrated Diced Papaya  44#

Dehydrated Papaya Chunks  44#

This Tropical fruit, native to Central America, was first cultivated in Mexico.  With its high sensitivity to frost, growth is limited to tropical climates preferring sandy, well-drained soil.  Over half of the worlds Papaya crop is produced between India and Brazil.  Mostly eaten raw, some cuisines incorporate unripe papaya into some of their dishes.  The seeds are sometimes dried and used as a substitute for black pepper.  Dehydrated Papaya locks in its unique and exotically sweet flavor and is a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth while providing your body with natural energy and vitamins.  

Dehydrated Spears
Dehydrated Chunks
Dehydrated Diced

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