Red Glaceed Cherries  30#

Green Glaceed Cherries  30#

Maraschino Cherries (700ct)  5 Gal

Dried Cherries  10#

Maraschino Cherries were originally reserved as treats for royalty made by preserving sour marasca cherries in liqueur.  During prohibition a brine, similar to pickle brine, was substituted creating a more affordable Maraschino Cherry.  Glace Cherries are essentially Maraschino Cherries which have been cooked in a think flavored syrup giving them their bright color and added sweet flavor.  Almond extract is used for the Red Glace Cherries while Peppermint is used for the Green Glace Cherries.  Dried Cherries are typically made from sweet cherries or tart cherries.  

Red Glace
Green Glace
Dried Cherries

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