Dried Apricots were a common item found on the Silk Road, their long shelf life made them ideal for traveling long distances.  Turkey has recently overtaken California as the leading producer of Dried Apricots.  Turkish Apricots are categorized by size (1-8), Size 1 being the largest and best for presentation and Size 8 being the smallest and mostly used in mixes.  Turkish apricots are brighter, sweeter and plumper than California apricots.  If the apricot is Glaceed, it has been treated with a thick sugary syrup giving it a shine.  

Large Glaceed Apricots  20#

Turkish Whole Apricots (size 4)  28#

Turkish Whole Apricots (size 8)  28#

California Dried Apricots  25#

Turkish Whole Apricots Size 4  28#
Turkish Whole Apricots Size 8  28#
California Dried Apricots  25#
Large Glaceed Apricots 20#

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